Data Privacy

data privacy and security

Data Security and Privacy

At Teacode, data privacy is most importance. We have excellent protocols in place that ensure security of your data in our web and application development center.

Data privacy is clearly defined at Teacode as the appropriate use of your data in web and app development.

Ensuring Data Security Accountability

At Teacode we ensure our its staff, workforce and management are aware of their responsibilities and what is expected of them.

  • Prohibited bringing in personal removable media and other devices
  • Allowing only approved parties access to sensitive information about their business, employees, and customers.
  • Many databases can store encrypted backups in the case of a disaster for easy, secure recovery.

Network Data Security Policy Statement

  • Defining the security requirements, controls and mechanisms applicable to all data assets.
  • Defining the methods and guidelines used to identify and classify all data assets.
  • Defining the procedures for identifying data owners for all data assets over network.
  • LAN monitoring
  • IP Validation systems to ensure unauthorized general users from accessing our web assets

Backup Software & Operational Data Security

In order to classify data it is necessary that an owner be identified for all data assets. The owner of data is responsible for classifying their data according to the classification schema noted in this policy. If an owner cannot be determined for a Teacode Technologies data asset, the Data Security organization must act as its custodian.

  • Physical surveillance systems in place.

Why Data Privacy & Privacy From Teacode Technologies ?

Experienced and certified developers.

Dedicated team for every all projects.

Agile methodology to app development.

Strong focus on UI/UX design.

Flexible delivery and commercial models

Flexible requirements and dedicated support.

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