Support & Maintenance

Teacode Website Development Support and Maintenance Service

Teacode Technologies is one of the leading providers of the website and plugin design and development that have provided exceptional services to all its clients through a one on one experience like never before. Along with its various services in development and design of plugins and websites, World Web Technology also offers round the clock maintenance and support to all its registered clients and associates.

Support for Client Websites and Plugins

We extend our exclusive support services to all our clients, providing an amazing one on one experience to all of them with the following support services:

Complaint Support Through Ticket

For the very purpose of providing an exclusive support to our clients, we have developed a support system where each of our registered clients can generate support ticket by mentioning their request or query or issue, which will be attended by our expert developers within 24 hours. The system has been designed keeping in mind the privacy concerns of our clients which are why the generated ticket and the service or support feature provided remains exclusively available to the client (not visible to any other client or general user).

Support Through Consumer Support Forums

Do you have a question or query that you think is quite common or might have been already solved or covered by our experts and clients? If so, you can utilize the option to get support via our online support forum where you can ask your queries or present your issue. Our expert or experienced members of the team will get back to you as soon as possible with the solution. As this is not exclusive, your query and solution are available to all our registered clients and users for knowledge purposes.

Seeing this as an open bulletin, we encourage our experts, users as well as customers to discuss the products and services while our product team would be informing of any recent update or upgrade in the developed extensions or website and applications.

Why Hire Custom Software Developer
From Teacode Technologies ?

Experienced and certified developers.

Dedicated team for every all projects.

Agile methodology to app development.

Strong focus on UI/UX design.

Flexible delivery and commercial models

Flexible requirements and dedicated support.

Throughout Maintenance of Themes, Templates, Websites and Plugin Codes

With ever changing times, only the strongest survives which is why we at Teacode Technologies leave no room for stagnant designs and codes. Every single design of theme, template, and code or plug-in undergoes rigorous analysis after which new features or updated patches are induced or seeded into the original work. To all its clients, Teacode Technologies provides thorough maintenance services such as:

Code Updating

Be it a simple web template, a complex theme design or a multi-functional plugin extension- we at World Web Technology make sure that each and every product of ours undergoes proper code update to make it usable even after changes have been induced in the environment or platform. Our regular code update sets us apart from other service providers, which is why we can improve the satisfaction of all our loyal customers and clients.

Elimination of Security Issues and Bugs

Our objective of serving our clients in the best possible way has always made us strive hard to deliver nothing short of perfection. However, coding faults or bugs might creep in which may not halt the functionality of the plugin or website but can act as potential vulnerabilities. To correct that, we constantly work on our products’ maintenance to ensure elimination of all reported bugs and security issues while our testing team works exclusively in finding new ones and fixing them (if any).

Documents and Manifest Update

It becomes too tedious a task to analyse the code and understand the concept behind the latest update or fix in our products. To help our users and clients understand it better, we also update our product documents and manifest constantly. This helps the users and other developers to keep a track of our latest fixes and developed patches along with newly introduced enhanced features and functionalities. Any user or registered client has the opportunity to view these documents and understand the concept and motive behind the latest code update.


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